At the end of it though, we work well together. Tony’s a good man and a hero in his own right; he’s definitely an irreplaceable member of the Avengers and I can always count on him to watch my back.

- SR 

Is this blog dead..?

[No, it’s not. Some stuff will pop up soooon.]

I don't know if my prior response to your question made it through. I can see the profile up to the "-" after "Sincerely, SR." now. Does that help?

[Thank you! I did read your response. There’s a little message after where it cuts off for you, which explains that the Avengers are movie based and the link to my main tumblr as the owner of this blog, but otherwise nothing important; that’s why I didn’t respond earlier.

ETA: I can still try to make it shorter? Though another anon suggested that you can zoom out to see the rest of the content in the browser,.]

Can you move the picture of chibi!Hulk up a little bit? My netbook's screen isn't tall enough to see all of the profile information and it doesn't scroll upwards.

Thank you for bringing that to our attention! Is it better now?

If it’s still unaccessible I can make the profile shorter for you.

- SR

About the last post - these are not knives on Hawkeye's forearms. These are protective pads. Archery arm guards.

[Changed it. Thank you!]

We decided to break down the components of each Avenger’s outfits for this question to make it easier for us to comment on individual equipment! Also, Tony has put together a brief, helpful slideshow to continue his commentary.

Of course, we needed to omit some sensitive data in his presentation. Please enjoy!

- SR

We’re going to assume breakfast-wise, here.

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